Begginers’ Guide to Soccer Betting

How to Bet on Soccer Games

Some may believe the house always wins, but unlike old-school casinos where winning was indeed unlikely and even risky, it’s quite possible to profit from soccer betting these days.

The key to profiting from sports betting, including soccer, is information. Do you know enough about a team to place a bet? If you know more than the market, you will profit. But that’s skill-based betting. It’s perfectly possible to profit by being lucky too.

It’s important to understand if you want to be a recreational bettor, that is, have some fun and take chances, or take your betting seriously and profit based on analytical skills and great information.

Regardless of your choice, there are some basic concepts that you need to grasp about soccer betting. Let’s learn more about them…

Soccer Betting Odds: concept and calculation

Betting odds are numbers that determine the potential prize of a sports bettor. If you bet let’s say on the upcoming game of Manchester United and the odds for Man Utd’s victory are 2.0, it means you can earn 100% in profits if the bet is a winner.

There are different systems of odds, including the above example which is a decimal odd (a very simple system to calculate odds), as well as other systems like the fractional (popular in the UK) and the money lines (popular in the US). They are mathematically equivalent, but we suggest that beginners stick to the decimal system as it’s easier to calculate them.

Transforming your guess into odds

Let’s say you believe Real Madrid has a 66% of chance of winning the next game. Every odd has an underlying percentage. Fair odds are odds that estimate correctly the chance of an event winning.

If you are right in this example, then 100% (all potential results) / 66% ~= 1.51. It means you should bet on odds bigger than 1.51+ to profit in the long run. Odds that are miscalculated contain value. Professional gamblers only bet for value in the long run.

Finding good soccer odds and betting bonuses

There are hundreds of bookies operating in every country. But some have better odds than others. Customer service is also important to have in mind when registering an account. But comparing them can be very time-consuming and takes some expertise. Thankfully, websites made by professionals do this for you for free. We suggest that you use this free information of great quality. Click here to start looking for a good bookie.

Summary: soccer betting

The world of soccer betting is amusing and potentially profitable. You can enjoy several promotions to bet using free funds as well as prime customer service with free stats and even streamings available for you at times. But this search for an operator must be done at the right place to avoid problems. Choose a trustworthy bookie and good luck!