Halloween Spartacus. How the “red-whites” were “Rostov” in the Cup of Russia

The 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup were decorated with the poster of the match between Spartak and Rostov. The Moscow team was gradually moving away from the September crisis. Guests from the banks of the Don are naturally recognized as the best team in Russia today. The meeting was accompanied by a number of topical questions, the answers to which could only be given by the game.

False start Glebova

Spartak won the last time at home in August, in a derby against CSKA. After an unsuccessful September segment in the championship, the Russian Cup is the club’s only hope to brighten up the season. Domenico Tedesco made only two changes in the starting lineup after the crushing victory in Cherkizov. Zobnin appeared in an unusual role: number 47 came out as a right midfielder. On the line of attack are the authors of goals against Lokomotiv – Ponce and Larsson.

Valery Karpin, on the other hand, made drastic changes in the starting protocol. Rostov leaders – Eremenko, Shomurodov, Bayramyan – were on the bench. Players with no RPL practice got a chance to prove themselves. The role of the main on the field was played by Ivelin Popov. The Bulgarian player gave hints to the young Glebov, Zainutdinov, Saplinov in the midfield line. The only moment where Popov was powerless to do something happened at the very beginning of the meeting. Glebov threw the ball away not on the whistle of the referee Kukuyan. The referee asked to make an introductory pass again. The second attempt was much more successful. Pesyakov also played the role of “mentor”, who supported young Chistyakov and Vedernikov. The last player played the second match at the senior level: the first game fell on 1/16 of the tournament.

Until the first mistake

The start of the match seemed promising for goals. The hosts of the meeting instantly took possession of the ball, while Rostov hid in ambush, counting on a counterattack. Using the 5-3-2 scheme, the guests did not give rest to the attacking players, making a tight pressure. If Zobnin could not cope with Vedernikov’s pressure, then on the left flank Ayrton created more or less chances for the development of the attack. The Brazilian struck his head after a minute and a half, and the ball almost hit the goal with a ricochet. The sixth number did not give rest to Logashov in the future, actively perepasovat with Umyarov and making jerks.

The Rostovites, however, did not flinch. After a couple of attacks from Spartak, Valery Karpin called out to the players a couple of times: they say, go ahead more boldly. The emphasis of the guests from the banks of the Don was aimed at standards and counterattacks. In the first case, the defense of Spartak did not give even a reason to at least take possession of the ball. In the second, the support zone also played exemplary. Kral instantly returned back after losing the ball, and Umyarov was successful in interceptions. In the first half, the young defensive player turned out to be the best player, having done a tremendous amount of work on the field. Activity on the left flank, coupled with play in the support zone, turned out to be Tedesco’s hidden chip.

The game went on until the first clear scoring chance. “Spartak”, perhaps, naturally came out ahead at the end of the half. A new attack through the left flank, cutting through Djikia’s pass, and Larsson punches Pesyakov in touch – 1: 0. The main detail: the Swedish striker himself started the attack, taking the ball away from the opponent’s half of the field. Tedesco, however, restrainedly marks the goal: the German specialist seems to be thinking over a plan for the second half. Karpin, not hiding his annoyance, hides on the coach’s bench. However, in a moment the coach of “Rostov” will appear in front of the public again – to go to the dressing room for a break.

German pragmatism

An equal match in wrestling gave no reason for the coaches to make substitutions during the break. This time there was a mirror situation: Rostov went on the attack and made several attempts to score a goal. Spartak was calm, as was its head coach. Tedesco’s plan to play in the opponent’s style proved to be successful again. The Red-Whites took advantage of the mistake in the center of the field and created a second scoring attack in 10 seconds. Once again, Larsson became the author of the scored goal, making a finishing move after Pesyakov’s save – 2: 0. A double in the second game in a row – and the Swede significantly increases the chance of getting into the starting lineup.

Now Tedesco was already less restrained in his emotions. As soon as the players returned to their half of the field, the German made an indicative gesture: guys, don’t stop.

The second missed goal forced Karpin to go all-in. The players of the “base” Bayramyan and Shomurodov entered the field. An extreme measure – the exit of the striker Dolgov instead of the Polish defender Vilyush. Such strengthening gave vigor to the guests, “Rostov” became bolder to go forward. If in the first half Maksimenko did not have serious work, then after the break the goalkeeper entered the game much more actively. The third and decisive change gave intrigue to the meeting: the young striker closed the lead. For the first time “Spartak” Tedesco conceded a goal – 1: 2.

The last minutes of the meeting made 17 thousand fans nervous. The Rostovites completely took possession of the ball, the stands began to start the mantra for luck: “Forward,” Spartak “! The support of the stands helped, the Muscovites did not lose their concentration in defense and withstood the onslaught. The fans this time did not have to painfully wait for the final whistle of the referee. Spartak won the match and beat the inconvenient Rostov in an official match for the first time in a year and a half – then Muscovites were coached by Massimo Carrera. Domenico Tedesco remains undefeated. How long?