“Only Yashin – only Dynamo. How Dynamo drew with Krasnodar on Yashin’s 90th birthday

On October 22, the great Dynamo goalkeeper Lev Yashin would have turned 90 years old. In honor of this, the home match of Muscovites with Krasnodar was held in a colorful setting. “White-blue” tried to arrange a party for the fans. And everything worked out: the team played a draw -1: 1, interrupting a 4-match streak of defeats in the Russian Premier League.

In memory of Lev Yashin

Lev Yashin’s family entered the stadium before the match. Relatives of the legend took out the original “Golden Ball”, which was presented to Yashin in 1963. The footballers also distinguished themselves – the players of both clubs appeared in commemorative T-shirts, and the goalkeepers in caps. Dynamo captain Anton Shunin even put on a special jersey with the name Yashin on the back.

Fans of the “blue-white” also did not stand aside. A huge performance was organized on the platform of active support. It depicted Yashin with the caption: “Only Yashin – Only Dynamo.” Also during the match, the scoreboard constantly showed photos of the legendary goalkeeper.

Big changes

Before the start of the match, it became clear that the location of Dynamo’s bench had changed. Acting head coach Kirill Novikov moved from left to right.

Also, the 39-year-old specialist changed the scheme from 4 + 4 + 1 + 1 to 5 + 3 + 2 + 1. Already in the 3rd minute, this gave a result: defender Grigory Morozov received the ball in the penalty area and sent it past Safonov. After the goal, the footballer ran up to Novikov and, apparently, thanked him. The new scheme revived Dynamo’s game, the players created many chances. However, the “blue-white” also conceded – Martynovich scored in the nine after a corner kick.

Novikov’s nerves

In fact, the second half was held according to the following rule: how the coaches behave, so the team plays. The entire second half, acting Head coach Kirill Novikov was on his feet: he either prompted the players, then nervously reacted to dangerous moments. The footballers of the Moscow club played like that. They created many dangerous moments, which cannot be said about Krasnodar.

Although the head coach of the “bulls” Sergei Matveev stood almost the entire second half on his feet, he was quiet, like the club. The guests’ headquarters perked up only 15 minutes before the end of the meeting. To my surprise, Krasnodar also woke up. However, the teams did not score any more goals.

Thus, Krasnodar scored 27 points and moved to the 3rd line in the RPL standings. Dynamo remained in 15th place with 11 points.

Premier League. 13th round
DYNAMO – KRASNODAR – 1: 1 (1: 1)
Moscow. The 20th of October. 
Stadium: VTB Arena. 15374 viewers. 
Judge: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod).
Dynamo: Shunin, Morozov, Rykov (Evgeniev, 78), Ordets, Pliev, Raush, Kabore, Neustädter, Panchenko (Hiljemark, 57), Shimanski (Cardosu, 82), Igbun.
Krasnodar: Safonov, Petrov, Martynovich, Spayich, Namli (Fernandes, 66), Vilena, Olsson (Kambolov), Suleimanov, Stotsky, Berg (Utkin, 76), Ari.
Goals:  1: 0 – Morozov (3), 1: 1 – Martynovich (35).
Warnings:  Spayich (17), Berg (32), Igbun (33), Rykov (45), Kabore (54), Neustädter (72), Rausch (82), Suleimanov (87).

9 (2) shots (on target) 13 (8)
14  fouls  13
offside  0
corners  4
35 % possession 65